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Count Me In!

A Sneak Preview

Here's a 10-minute excerpt from the live courses offered in 2018... if you learn better from video than text, fear not! This course comes with both video and written lesson plans.

My Promise to You

  • This program normally runs $60 per person for a group of 5 in a live setting. Unlike live programs, you don’t have to travel or worry about coordinating your schedule—go at your own pace online—sip tea in your PJ’s.
  • You get a private email coaching session of 1-hour per week with me ($225 value for the 3 weeks). In this time, we’ll address concerns you may not want to share with the group (food journals, mental or spiritual advice). Trust me, you will utilize this free coaching session!
  • This is a 82%, one-time only discount for the first 5 people to invest in their healthWhy such a discount? Because I can answer you in MY pj's, too! :) And, your health is very important to me, no matter who you are...
  • Because of the 1-on-1 coaching, space is limited to 5 engaged students.

Transformation = Empowerment

Learn to separate fact from fad! In this 3-week course, you’ll learn how important sleep, meditation & exercise really are. You’ll learn how to nourish all your senses, get pantry basics, see how digestion works & how to shop for groceries. You in? Oh yeah…there’s a NO-COST trial version you can take, as well! <3

Empower Me!

Transformation 101

What You'll Walk Away Knowing)

  • Mind, Body, Spirit

    Are you getting enough sleep? Meditation? How much personal attention are you giving to your self-care? Do you even HAVE time for self-care? Learn to take back what's rightfully yours...your health!

  • Basics of Nutrition

    After more than 2 decades in the plant-based world, I can promise you I've witnessed the confusion. A healthy lifestyle and relationship with food doesn't have to be hard. I can teach you how to eat healthy, with spices, and without breaking the bank.

  • Pantry Basics

    Forget the trends. Forget the fads. What's in your pantry can heal or harm you. Learn the basics of what you need to look for in food and advertising!

What is the best way to use this course?

Read each lesson. Let it process in your brain overnight (you'll learn about that in the 1st chapter!). Don't skip ahead & do it all at one time.

What you can expect by the end of these 3 weeks:

  • Become more focused
  • Deal with stress and emotions better
  • Maintain calm and balance
  • Enjoy time management /simplify & organize your life
  • Exercise with injuries
  • Weight loss/keeping off the weight
  • Curb sugar addictions
  • Learn to prepare quick and tasty meals without spending a lot


from past students

Tara G.

"A small step will lead to growing change"

Tara G.

Am I being overly cynical in saying almost everything you say I've seen/heard before? You have done a great service gathering it all in one place. I suppose the biggest thing I've gotten from all of this is how a small step will lead to growing change. Even my transition has been a series of small steps - I just hadn't thought to apply that to other areas of my life. Also I kinda felt that my choices (food or clothing) were a frightening outlier and that can such a scary place to be! There is then reassurance in all you've written that I'm not necessarily all that wacky.....ok, maybe, a little...
Melissa Sgambati

"It is always good to reaffirm things I already knew."

Melissa Sgambati

I'm with Tara! haha I knew a lot of this stuff but it made me happy, and is always good to reaffirm things I already knew. Also it reminds me that there are still ways to improve- I am still using canned beans, and don't kill me, but have not yet made the switch over to organic/nongmo :-x. The shopping section made me laugh because I am fairly certain that maybe other than you, Alicia, nobody runs through the grocery store as fast as me. Dan kills me because I am constantly yards ahead of him just grabbing and going. If we stop, I 100% guarantee things that weren't on the list will get picked up, and a 50% chance that they will be shitty foods we pick up! I have no self control, so I control my lack of self control lmao. The label reading is always especially helpful with all those hidden words.
Jennifer Hammond

"A real eye-opener..."

Jennifer Hammond

I met Alicia years ago at my child's dojo, took one of her classes. Just like her class, the book is a real eye-opener. Highly recommended reading!
Elizabeth L

"Nutrition and Time Management..."

Elizabeth L

It was all fabulous, but I think the nutrition and time management were the most helpful. Thank you for this class!

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While no one can tell you the true cost of being sick or losing a friend or family member, I can tell you one thing from experience... we save money, time, and emotional expense when we're on a path of preventative care. Get on your path to Transformation in just 3 weeks!

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No matter what, your happiness is #1...

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