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  • Alicia, You're great! .... thanks again for the class.... like I said last night I'm sort of a skeptic when it comes to what I'll loosely call the mystic kind of stuff. But the way you presented the material really made it very practical and relatable to my life experiences. I thoroughly enjoyed the class material and your teaching style. Thank you for your many hours of study and preparation that made you uniquely qualified and for the hours you dedicated each Tuesday night. My wife and I plan to visit your restaurant, I look forward to seeing you again. -Chris Hughes

  • Thank you, Alicia! Your knowledge and beautiful personality was very helpful on understanding a bit more of Ayurveda teachings. The class give the lay person a good idea of how Ayurveda works with in the body. So much more to learn, hope we can get you back to teach us More! Hugs to you and your beautiful energy! Always Humble and Kind, Marianne Walz 🤗🐾🌞 Ps. Could you send out a cashew cheese recipe for me!!! Thank You! Namaste

  • You really take the most simple ingredients and elevate them. Seriously…you can take a ½ dozen ingredients and you really put them in an elevator! - Customer at Golden Sparrow, where I was the head chef

  • THANK you thank you thank you!!!!!! This is wonderful information I printed out what you provided and I’m going to share it with my sister as well. You have definitely shed a bright light on this. I have to really thank you for going above and beyond with everything you have always helped me with and your great expertise is amazing!!!! You (if you have not already) should write a book.... you have a gift of explaining things and writing that makes it so easy for someone to understand! (plus, you are funny !!) - Linda Franco

  • You did an excellent job last night. The food was amazing! Your talk touched the people in the room. Did you notice how attentive everyone was? You are a gifted, king and nurturing human being. Not to mention, smart and intelligent also. So glad that I was able to have you as the speaker last night. I agreed with what you said about vulnerable/real/connection with people. - Ann Garbarino

  • And you definitely had an impact here! And don’t forget the ripple effect after the fact…I just wanted to let you know that since I started receiving your blogs, I read them all! I enjoy getting a glimpse into your journey and you touch on the things that I would wonder about (garbage every other Thurs w tags! People friendly and adapted to their climate!) There is always something that I take away that I haven’t been exposed to quite so before... here it is “trading urges” and in your last blog, I saved the excerpt on “active/passive destruction/construction” - so spot on! Wishing you all good things on your continued adventure. Thank you! 💛 - Regina Savarese

  • Hi Alicia! I saw on FB you are moving to Maine! Best of luck to you! I just wanted to let you know I was so happy to meet you through our many connections and became friends and I hope we can keep in touch! You’ve always been so supportive and you are a wonderful soul! Wishing you nothing but love and success! Xoxo - Danielle Link

  • I’ll miss you, my friend. Thanks for all your warmth, kindness and fierceness. It’s been a privilege. - Cory Muscara

  • Am I being overly cynical in saying almost everything you say I've seen/heard before? You have done a great service gathering it all in one place. I suppose the biggest thing I've gotten from all of this is how a small step will lead to growing change. Even my transition has been a series of small steps - I just hadn't thought to apply that to other areas of my life. Also I kinda felt that my choices (food or clothing) were a frightening outlier and that can such a scary place to be! There is then reassurance in all you've written that I'm not necessarily all that wacky.....ok, maybe, a little....Tara G

  • I'm with Tara! haha I knew a lot of this stuff but it made me happy, and is always good to reaffirm things I already knew. Also it reminds me that there are still ways to improve- I am still using canned beans, and don't kill me, but have not yet made the switch over to organic/nongmo :-x. The shopping section made me laugh because I am fairly certain that maybe other than you, Alicia, nobody runs through the grocery store as fast as me. Dan kills me because I am constantly yards ahead of him just grabbing and going. If we stop, I 100% guarantee things that weren't on the list will get picked up, and a 50% chance that they will be shitty foods we pick up! I have no self control, so I control my lack of self control lmao. The label reading is always especially helpful with all those hidden words. - Mel Sgambati

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