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Food Shouldn't be Complicated!

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Let's Eat!

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10+ Years Experience Serving the Public (and Meals!)

Nutrition isn't the complicated mess we see online and in the media. We shouldn't be lab rats for the greed of the food and drug industries.

I've loved cooking since I was a child. I remember single-handedly serving my parents and our neighbors pepper steak when I was only 11. My father taught me the art of the Dagwood and since we had limited resources, mom cooked most of our meals from scratch. He and mom never agreed on foods, so I enjoyed a little of what they both ate. To say I was raised with a broad palate is an understatement (a blessing I now appreciate).

After college, I studied nutrition, herbs, and Ayurveda for fun. While I had no reason for the attraction to Eastern philosophies and natural healing, the seed was planted over 20 years ago. I lost my father when I was 24; my paternal grandfather at 26; my mother at 28—they all died of preventable diseases. The seed was now watered and my passion for healing, herbal medicine, and nutrition grew stronger.

I obtained my MA in Holistic Wellness in January 2011 and offer online and live courses on: nutrition, Ayurveda, skin care, herbal medicine, essential oil safety, and spiritual healing methods. In 2019, I published "Transformation 101: Your Guide to Empowerment in Just 3 Weeks," based on the course with the same title. 

I'm also an elder Greenfire Wisewoman Melissa, which encompasses a lineage of training in herbal and spiritual work. As such, I am certified in aromatherapy, crystals, and chakra therapies. I believe in a fusion of Eastern and Western Medicine, especially acupuncture, reflexology, chiropractic care, and Ayurveda. 

There is a middle road between medicine and Nature; I’m here to help you find it…

Course Content

What's Included...

  • Slides & Support

    All of my courses come with FREE PRIVATE coaching for the first 30 days of enrollment. Email me with any questions about the material or how to apply it. It's that simple... your success is important. Make sure you download the slides and meditation, too!

  • Simplicity

    If you want to save time and money, your kitchen is a great place to start! I'll teach you simple tricks to incorporate more organic, seasonal eating, so it doesn't break the bank. I'll show you how inexpensive healthy, plant-based cuisine really is!

  • Video Option

    I know what it's like to take classes online... I can't always watch, so audio is valuable. Sometimes, I can't listen and just want to read the material. The choice is yours—if you can't listen, the slides provide enough information for you to gain confidence in living peacefully.

You'll Discover

Inner Wisdom = Empowerment

  • Learn the dangers of modified "Foods"

  • Discover why eating seasonally is so important

  • What's the raw food movement... sushi!?!

  • Decipher food labels instead of nutritional labels!

  • Unlock your inner wisdom and find peace with food

There's No Magic Pill

To Attain Wellness...

The synchronicity you have with mind, body, and spirit determine your level of wellness or dis-ease. How will you make healthy meals if you don't have time?
Edible 101

Clients and Students...

10+ Years Serving Organic, Plant-Based, Meals

Customer at Golden Sparrow, Bayport, NY


Customer at Golden Sparrow, Bayport, NY

You really take the most simple ingredients and elevate them. Seriously…you can take a ½ dozen ingredients and you really put them in an elevator!
Linda Franco

"You Have a Gift of Explaining Things "

Linda Franco

THANK you thank you thank you!!!!!! This is wonderful information I printed out what you provided and I’m going to share it with my sister as well. You have definitely shed a bright light on this. I never thought of who actually wrote those articles and google searches I have done re: soy. I have to really thank you for going above and beyond with everything you have always helped me with and your great expertise is amazing!!!! thank you soooooooooooooooo much Love always, Linda
Melissa Sgambati

"It Reminds Me There are Still Ways to Improve"

Melissa Sgambati

The shopping section made me laugh because I am fairly certain that maybe other than you, runs through the grocery store as fast as me. If we stop, I guarantee things that weren't on the list will get picked up, and a 50% chance that they will be shitty foods we pick up! The label reading is always especially helpful with all those hidden words. -Melissa S.

Course curriculum

Mindful Eating

It's as Simple as Saying...

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