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Over 10 Years Experience in Yoga and Martial Arts

In 2003, I began my studies in Reiki and spiritual work, deepening those studies in 2005. I am a certified Usui Reiki Master and have training in Celtic Reiki; both are non-invasive energy healing. They require no physical contact with the client, remove blockages, and restore homeostasis. 

I obtained my MA in Holistic Wellness in January 2011 and offer online and live courses on: nutrition, Ayurveda, skin care, herbal medicine, essential oil safety, and spiritual healing methods. In 2019, I published "Transformation 101: Your Guide to Empowerment in Just 3 Weeks," based on the course with the same title. 

I am also an elder Greenfire Wisewoman Melissa, which encompasses a lineage of training in herbal and spiritual work. As such, I am certified in aromatherapy, crystals, and chakra therapies. I believe in a fusion of Eastern and Western Medicine, especially acupuncture, reflexology, chiropractic care, and Ayurveda. 

While I enjoy the physical aspects of martial arts and yoga, I found a deeper connection with the philosophies that lie within those practices... breath work, control of emotions, mental clarity, and experiencing the mind-body connection. 

Ground and center yourself. Learn to trust your gut instinct. Honor the Divine within your body.

There is a middle road between medicine and Nature; I’m here to help you find it…

Course Content

What's Included...

  • Slides & Support

    All of my courses come with FREE PRIVATE coaching for the first 30 days of enrollment. Email me with any questions about the material or how to apply it. It's that simple... your success is important. Make sure you download the slides and meditation, too!

  • Simplicity

    You don't need to meditate for hours, remember lengthy mantras, or change your routine, until you're ready. I'll teach you simple tricks to incorporate mindfulness daily, so it becomes an automatic habit. It doesn't matter who you are or where you live; I'll prove it in the first few slides!

  • Video Option

    I know what it's like to take classes online... I can't always watch, so audio is valuable. Sometimes, I can't listen and just want to read the material. The choice is yours—if you can't listen, the slides provide enough information for you to gain confidence in living peacefully. If you can't watch the slides, you have 17 minutes of audio to enjoy!

You'll Discover

Inner Wisdom = Empowerment

  • Meditation with Guidance

  • Discover why your actions must align with your heart

  • Create your non-negotiable daily routine

  • Harness the power to avoid negative distractions

  • Unlock your inner wisdom and find peace

Time Management

Emotional and Mental Support...

To master wellness and vibrancy, eliminate distractions. How will you make healthy meals if you don't have time? If you don't have the mental and emotional support to say no, how will you ever have autonomy? If we can't gain control of our senses, how will we know when they're out of balance?
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How Often Do You Practice?

Mindfulness isn't just meditation. The simple practice of offering gratitude opens awareness to all the gifts around you. When you align with the abundance of what you DO have, you shift your focus and begin the journey towards being "that beacon of hope." Offer gratitude for the tiny gifts from your spouse, partners, and friends.

What Students Say...

A Much-Needed Reminder and Nudge!

Kim Brawn

"Interesting and Informative"

Kim Brawn

Thank you—you were wonderful! 👍 You helped rekindle my interest in various things & reminded me of stuff I'd forgotten about that is important to me. 💗 Enjoying your emails— interesting & informative. And so cool to find Rob 's meditation after following one of the links. 😁 With gratitude, Kim ✌️
Pat Juska

"I Enjoyed Your Program"

Pat Juska

Hi, I enjoyed your [Mindfulness] program at Thompson Free Library on Thursday and look forward to receiving your emails. Pat Juska
Chris Hughes

"Practical and Relatable to My Life

Chris Hughes

Alicia, You're great! .... thanks again for the class.... like I said last night I'm sort of a skeptic when it comes to what I'll loosely call the mystic kind of stuff. But the way you presented the material really made it very practical and relatable to my life experiences. I thoroughly enjoyed the class material and your teaching style. Thank you for your many hours of study and preparation that made you uniquely qualified and for the hours you dedicated each Tuesday night. My wife and I plan to visit your restaurant, I look forward to seeing you again. -Chris Hughes

"Mantras... (as simple as 'inhale/exhale')"

-by Kim Brawn

Thompson Free Library—June 2019, Dover-Foxcroft, Maine.

Course Curriculum

Complimentary Coaching for 30 Days After Your Enrollment!

Mindfulness as a Habit

It's as Simple as Saying...

Just 1 Hour to Learn

Balance of Control and Surrender

Find Peace

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